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Our main products: Brass Screws  , Brass Anchors, Brass cable glands, Brass moulding inserts,  Brass hose fittings, Brass components, Brass pipe fittings, Brass hose nipples, Stainless Steel hose fittings, Brass hose barbs hose tails etc



Company Profile ______________________________________________Top

Brassfast   is a dynamic  company from Aanand group engaged in manufacturing of various Brass accessories and fittings.  Our achievements have been quite remarkable, and this can be attributed to a number of factors, such as our knowledge of the building industry, associated hardware requirements, continuous improvements in quality and full satisfaction of our customers.

We strongly believe  that the foundation and success of any business is to ultimately satisfy the consumer, and we promote this with our products, which must function with ease, have the desired appearance and emphasis on good quality for long lasting service, and just important priced well within reach. CUSTOMERS DELIGHT is our motto!

In this short years, we have built up a strong customer base world wide. We have our own manufacturing capacity,warehouse, and proudly own our more than 100 exclusive products.

Progressing to a company with our continuously increasing yearly sales. It is obvious our philosophy to please the customer with quality products and competitive price is being achieved, and we welcome you to join us.

Manufacturing ________________________________________________Top

Brassfast   has an extensive and comprehensive range of products. We consider the needs of most homes whether it is traditional or with latest designs. We manufacture any kind of precision Brass Components exactly as per original piece to satisfy our customers.

Our Product range includes many more items we manufacture or trade which are not illustrated in our catalogue. These products are an exclusive basis to customers, some are well known throughout the electrical  industry worldwide

If you require a product manufactured exclusively to yourself not found in our range, whether new or an old original, we have a team of management, tool makers and a work force capable to serve your needs. We are always ready to serve you whether it is a small order or in large quantities and we are very friendly with our customers.

We specialize in :_______________________________________________Top


Brass Aluminium and Stainless Steel ( S.S. ) Hose Nipples Hose Barbs and Hexagon hsoe Stems



We specialize in Brass compression fittings for various tube sizes 


Copper Bonded Earth Rods Ground rods grounding Earthing Accessories

We produce in various threads and lengths Copper bonded swaged earth and grounding rods  and accessories like spikes Couplings / couplers driving heads tips spikes dowel pins


Brass, Cast iron, Bronze Gun metal  Malleable iron, aluminum. cast parts components and castings 

Available Finishes ______________________________________________Top

Polished Brass

Highly reflective "Hand Polished" for a luster unmatched by machine, and lacquered.

Bright Finish

Chrome Finish :

Highly polished chrome with full guarantee of shinning.

Gold plating :

Our standard gold plating is 24 Carat X 0.25 microns on our Hardware fitting as per customers requirements.

Services ______________________________________________________Top

To help our customers, we can also provide the prices according to their currencies including their Import Duties and any other expenses.


Bought Out Products

We have a very very strong network throughout INDIA, which helps us to source any product at very competitive prices within a number of days. So, our customers can get everything under one roof at affordable prices.




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